CTIA to speak at the Business Blockchain Expo

CTIA, a provider of blockchain-based solutions and services, is pleased to announce that it will be speaking at the Business Blockchain Expo, to be held on September 26, 2020 at Binary Star in Ginza, Tokyo. At this event, Mitsuru Tezuka, CEO of CTIA, is scheduled to speak live online about “Next Generation Business Innovation Solutions with Blockchain”. About the Business Blockchain EXPO The Business Blockchain Expo is a business conference that aims to accelerate the growth of projects and create new blockchain businesses, and it is a business conference that facilitates or facilitates the meeting of Japanese industry with domestic and international blockchain companies that aim to solve social and industrial problems through the use of blockchain technology. There will be more than 20 sessions on the day of the event, where project leaders and experts will directly introduce their products and explain the latest industry developments. In addition, this year’s event will be available for live streaming and on-demand viewing of exhibitors’ presentations online by purchasing tickets in advance. For more information on purchasing tickets, please visit the ticket page >> https://peatix.com/sales/event/1561784/tickets Event Summary Hosted by: Binary Star, Inc. Date: Saturday, September 26, 2020 Venue: BINARYSTAR Address: 11F Kirarito Ginza, 1-8-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, JapanURL: https://businessblockchainexpo.com/ Presentation Details Date and Time: Saturday, September 26, 2020 16:55 – 17:15 Venue: BINARYSTAR event space Speaker: Mitsuru Tezuka, President and CEO of CTIA*, will be speaking live online. *For inquiries about this press release, please contact us at the address below. CTIA Co., Ltd. Attn: Orita, Ogasawara Phone: 06-6563-7885 Email: support@ctia.ltd Website: https://ctia.ltd



CTIA to speak at ‘FIN/SUM Blockchain & Business’

Speakers Confirmed for FinTech Event Sponsored by Nikkei and FSA CTIA (headquartered in Singapore; CEO: Mitsuru Tezuka), a provider of blockchain solutions and services, has been selected to speak at the Blockchain Global Governance Conference (BG2C) and Finsum Blockchain & Business (Finsum BB), a fintech event hosted by Nikkei and the Financial Services Agency, to be held in Nihonbashi, Tokyo on August 24 and 25, 2020. At the event, CTIA will be speaking on the theme “The Potential of Blockchain Technology from a Startup Company’s Perspective” and will discuss how blockchain will change society in the future. The event, now in its second year, is an international conference aimed at discussing the healthy development of blockchain (distributed ledger) technology and new business initiatives. A wide range of experts from blockchain-related companies and institutions from around the world will speak at the conference, and the aim is to exchange views on the international rules and governance of blockchain technology for social implementation and to build a process to resolve these issues. The event will be held on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 August 2020 at Muromachi Mitsui Hall & Conference and will be available (via pre-registration) for the free live webcast on the day of the event. We hope you will be able to watch the event. Event Outline Date and Time: August 24, 2020, 12:15 p.m. (15 minutes scheduled) Place: Muromachi Mitsui Hall & Conference Hall B Theme: “The Potential of Blockchain Technology from a Startup Company(This is subject to change depending on the circumstances of the event.) Reservations are required for this event. For more information on this event, please visit the official BG2C website. Blockchain Global Governance Conference […]



CTIA exhibits a Corda-based production management system at Singapore Fintech Festival 2019

Exhibiting a Corda-based traceability system at the FinTech event hosted by the Singapore Monetary Authority. CTIA (head office: Singapore, CEO: Mitsuru Tezuka), which provides blockchain solutions and services, will host a booth at Singapore Fintech Festival 2019, the fintech event hosted by the Singapore Monetary and Financial Services Agency, which will be held from November 11 to 13, 2019 in Singapore. At this event, CTIA will demonstrate and explain their production management system “Traceability as a Service” based on Corda from R3 CTIA is developing “Traceability as a Service” to provide a production management system that utilizes R3 Corda’s distributed ledger technology to achieve traceability in the supply chain. This can be achieved by utilizing blockchain for planning and record matching operations between organizations that have been difficult to achieve with traditional CRM / ERP. By using smart contracts to match production plans and work records, and handling products as tokens, it is possible to save labor in various management tasks such as inventory management and to significantly improve the operational efficiency of high-mix low-volume production. In addition, management costs and standby costs can be significantly reduced by utilizing this technology in business-to-business transactions and international trade. CTIA previously exhibited at “CordaCon London 2019” held in London and exhibited the SGX demonstration machine operated on Corda developed by R3. This demonstration was conducted by showing the production and receiving sides of a kiwi as an example. Company A would raise, harvest, and box the kiwis and prepare them for shipment. Then Company B on the receiving side would collate the arrival schedule with a barcode and perform the receiving work. Similarly, at this “Singapore Fintech Festival 2019”, it will be […]