Fintech Taipei 2019

CTIA introduces production management system TaaS at Fintech Taipei 2019

“Fintech Taipei 2019” Exhibition Report


CTIA (head office: Singapore, CEO: Mitsuru Tezuka), which provides blockchain solutions and services, exhibited at “Fintech Taipei 2019” held in Taipei, Taiwan on November 29 and 30, 2019.

At this event, CTIA’s booth was set up in the SFA pavilion in the Fintech Space & Startups area to explain the traceability as a service production management system (Taas) developed and provided by CTIA and gave examples of various industries that can optimize their workflow using TaaS. Participants familiar with Taiwan’s finance and fintech industries and major banks visited the booth.

Taiwan aiming to become the world’s fintech hub

This event has been held since 2018 with three main goals: to promote Taiwan’s domestic fintech industry; to support their companies and startups in order to improve the competitiveness of Taiwan’s financial sector; and to accelerate innovation in the financial industry. In the opening ceremony, Taiwanese government officials and financial institutions representatives, including Mr. Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan, spoke on the promotion and development of Taiwan’s financial industry. In addition, in response to the World Trade Organization (WTO) deregulating the participation of children under 12 years in specialized exhibitions, children under 12 years old were also allowed to participate this year to encourage the education of future fintech unicorns and to create interest in the growth of FinTech and Taiwan related industries.


Fintech companies and specialists gathered from all around the world

In addition to the large and small companies that lead Taiwan’s technology industry, participants included more than 240 financial institutions and more than 100 startup companies from 13 countries. At the main stage of the venue, keynote lectures were given by moderators and guest speakers from various fields related to FinTech and finance, with themes such as effects to the future of the financial industry by the latest technology and new application systems for financial services.

Participants were interested in TaaS provided by CTIA


In this event, about 459 companies and institutions participated over the two days. CTIA introduced the production management system “TaaS” at its booth at the SFA pavilion and explained its use in other industrial fields beyond fintech. There were many participants from overseas, and Japanese business representatives reacted very positively as well. In Taiwan, opinions were expressed that blockchain should be used in industries other than finance. Some participants mentioned that it would be desirable to solve food sanitation problems with blockchain technology due to the case in 2014 of a food processing company using spoiled oil. The event ended in great success and about 30,000 people came to visit in two days.


CTIA exhibiting at “Fintech Taipei 2019” in Taiwan

A demonstration of CTIA’s production management system using R3’s Corda will be shown at a fintech event organized by Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable


CTIA (head office: Singapore, CEO: Mitsuru Tezuka), which provides blockchain solutions and services, will be exhibiting at “Fintech Taipei 2019” held in Taipei, Taiwan on November 29 and 30, 2019. At this event, CTIA will introduce and demonstrate their traceability as a service business solution developed based on Corda Enterprise provided by R3.


Currently, CTIA is building and developing its own production management system “Traceability as a Service” (TaaS), aiming to visualize traceability in a company’s production plan and supply chain. Also, TaaS allows a company’s finances, traditionally managed by strict regulations, to be connected within industries such as agriculture and localized manufacturing.

As globalization and management integration of enterprises and multi-functionality through emerging industries progresses, TaaS will digitalize production plans within an organization using distributed ledger technology to support the demand and production management of producers and consumers on a global scale. This improves the operational efficiency of high-mix low-volume production, and research is being conducted with a view to use it in international trade, inventory management, and inventory finance.

CTIA’s recent participation in the Singapore Fintech Festival 2019, held November 11-13, 2019 in Singapore, and the Kyoto Smart Agricultural Festival 2019, held in Kameoka City, Kyoto, November 15-16, included an exhibition with a theme of new digital solutions that connect finance and industry.

“Fintech Taipei 2019” has been held in Taiwan since 2018. At this event, CTIA will have a booth in the fintech startup area and will demonstrate “Traceability as a Service” using Corda Enterprise developed and provided by R3.


Fintech Taipei 2019

FinTech Taipei 2019 is the largest FinTech event in Taiwan organized by Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable and Taiwan Bank Financial Academy. This event was held last year combining “Fintech Base Festival” and “FinTech Days” together and about 30,000 people participated. It will be held in Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 for two days from November 29th to 30th, and 240 financial institutions and fintech companies from 13 countries and regions are expected to participate. There will be conferences, launch pads and keynotes focused on insights into Asian fintech.

Fintech Taipei 2019

Organizer: Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable, Taiwan Bank Financial Academy
Date: November 29-30, 2019
Venue:Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1
Address:No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City


CTIA is a system as well as a consulting company that aspires to solve various management issues of companies and related social problems with the latest technology of distributed ledger technology and blockchain. We will also approach existing systems and areas where technology could not be applied yet, bringing to fruition a “token economy” that allows tokens to be used to verify various transactions and information. We will provide solutions that make the most of the regional characteristics of each base in the world, and globally develop tokenization in various fields.


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