Kyoto Smart Agricultural Festival 2019

Realizing traceability of agricultural products and optimization of farming workflow with agriculture × TaaS


CTIA (head office: Singapore, CEO: Mitsuru Tezuka), which provides blockchain solutions and services、participated in the “Kyoto Smart Agricultural Festival 2019” held in Kameoka City, Kyoto on November 15 and 16, 2019.

“Kyoto Smart Agricultural Festival 2019” is a matching event that introduces producers with smart technologies using ICT and robots for the purpose of improving the management of agriculture, forestry and fisheries and maintaining the functions of small villages. This event, which began last year, is co-sponsored by Kyoto Prefecture, the Kyoto Agricultural Council, and the Kinki Agricultural Administration Bureau.

Various companies that promote ICT in agriculture


About 50 companies in Japan participated in this event, and exhibitions included many ICT solutions that will help solve the problems and meet the needs of farmers, such as systems that use advanced technologies that use AI and cloud systems to develop agricultural production. At the demonstration corner, RPAs * such as the robot tractors and drones were actually shown to farmers. In addition, there were services that could complete the office work necessary to sell crops with just a smartphone, and a system that digitized farm management.

*RPA(Robotic Process Automation )Automation of work by robots. To automate or increase the efficiency of human tasks using robots that incorporate cognitive technologies.

Optimize farming workflow by TaaS


CTIA made a presentation on its own production management system “Traceability as a Service” on the special stage. In the agriculture and forestry industry, disguising of the production area of crops; replacement of products in the distribution channel; and the outflow of brand varieties have become serious problems. By using TaaS, we believe that this workflow can be centrally managed; can prevent forgery; and prove the variety of the product.

After the presentation, participants from the agriculture and forestry industry who visited the CTIA booth made comments such as “TaaS is likely to be a revolutionary system for the industry where production area fraud prevails” and “I now understand the possibility of traceability that tracks information from farmers to consumers.”.

CTIA is currently working to implement the TaaS system with tea leaf manufacturers and food development ventures that use cricket powder. Implementation by the agriculture and forest industries is an important step in achieving acceptance for TaaS.


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