CTIA demonstrated TaaS at CordaCon, an R3 Developer & Business Partner Conference in London

“CordaCon London 2019” Exhibition Report

On October 23 and 24, 2019, CTIA (Headquarters: Singapore, CEO: Mitsuru Tezuka) exhibited at a tech conference “CordaCon London 2019” sponsored by R3 in London and demonstrated a production management system “TaaS”


The recently announced production management system “TaaS: Traceability as a Service” using distributed ledger technology is a new service that CTIA has been developing insince 2019. By introducing TaaS into today’s complex supply chain, it is possible to smoothly execute the work records of each process performed based on the production plan, and all the things related to the supply chain can be seamlessly recorded and the recorded data can be shared with other organizations.


Various developments based on Corda announced at “DevDay”

The first day of the event was entitled “DevDay”, and the development status and progress report of Corda was mainly given by R3. R3 company CEO, David E. Rutter, and other technical personnel involved in the development presented a session speech introducing an update of the Corda system on the main stage of the venue, and participants listened to the speech intently. An important announcement this time was that Corda Enterprise has been updated to 4.2 and implemented on Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform service developed by Microsoft. As a result, the safety of Corda and the convenience of the development environment will improve, and system demand is expected to increase.


“BizDay” where trends of the blockchain industry and example cases of Corda were introduced

Following “DevDay”, “BizDay” on the 24th featured a talk session by industry leaders and regulators familiar with blockchain at the main stage of the event, and a system developer using Corda demonstrated a live product. Practical applications based on Corda have been introduced overseas, and more than 50 diverse sessions such as trade finance, the insurance ecosystem, KYC certification, and software development were presented. The speakers discussed the reasons for choosing Corda for their projects and the future use cases expected to their projects, and answered questions from the participants gathered at the venue.


CTIA booth well visited

At this event, 18 sponsor companies supporting Corda hosted exhibition booths. At each booth, visitors were able to learn about each projects and take a look at service demonstrations, while participants and booth staff exchanged opinions. CTIA demonstrated its new service “TaaS: Traceability as a Service” at its booth. This demonstration was conducted by showing the production side and the receiving side of a kiwi as an example. Company A would raise, harvest, and box the kiwi and prepare for shipment. Then company B on the receiving side collated the arrival schedule with a barcode and performed the receiving work. Personnel from banks and IT companies visited the booth and asked questions about the differences from other traceability systems and business models. Participants who visited the booth commented that they were looking for a system like this that could easily manage and share information and record the production process.


TaaS is developed based on Corda

The production management system “TaaS: Traceability as a Service” developed by CTIA is based on “Corda Enterprise”, which has been developed and provided by R3. By adopting this system, it is possible to protect policies and exchange highly secure information between organizations. CTIA has developed and introduced three additional unique technologies: “Token Processor”, “Token Register”, and “Transaction RAM Protection”. As a result, CTIA has built a distributed ledger-type business solution that supports the optimization of business efficiency to meet the demands of various organizations aiming for a real-time innovative workflow and highly accurate information exchange.


CTIA exhibiting at “CORDACON LONDON 2019”

Showing a Corda-based traceability system at the business conference hosted by R3

CTIA (head office: Singapore, CEO: Mitsuru Tezuka), which provides blockchain solutions and services, will host a booth at CORDACON LONDON 2019, a business conference hosted by R3 to be held in London on October 23 and 24, 2019. At this event, CTIA will demonstrate and explain their production management system “Traceability as a Service” based on Corda from R3.


CTIA is developing “Traceability as a Service” to provide a production management system that utilizes R3 Corda’s distributed ledger technology to achieve traceability in the supply chain. This can be achieved by utilizing blockchain for planning and record matching operations between organizations that have been difficult to achieve with traditional CRM / ERP. By using smart contracts to match production plans and work records, and handling products as tokens, it is possible to save labor in various management tasks such as inventory management, and to significantly improve the operational efficiency of high-mix low-volume production. In addition, management costs and standby costs can be significantly reduced by utilizing this technology in business-to-business and international trade.

Previously, CTIA exhibited the SGX demonstration machine that Corda operates, at the SBI R3 JAPAN booth at the “Intel Developer Conference 2019” held in Roppongi, Tokyo. This demonstration was conducted by showing the production side and the receiving side of a kiwi as an example. Company A would raise, harvest, and box the kiwis and prepare them for shipment. Then Company B on the receiving side would collate the arrival schedule with a barcode and perform the receiving work. At “CordaCon London 2019”, participants will be able to experience the same process using the demonstration app.

CordaCon London 2019

CordaCon London 2019 is a business conference hosted by R3. This event will be held to share the latest trends and development status of the technical team that uses Corda, an open source blockchain platform for business developed by R3. Around 800 people including R3 members, Corda partners, regulators, and industry leaders from all over the world will come to examine the main trends and the movements of the blockchain industry through more than 50 sessions through speakers and exhibition booths.

CordaCon London 2019

Hosted by: R3 Dates:2019 10/23・24 Address:133 Houndsditch London EC3A 7AH United Kingdom


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