CTIA Launches Renewable Energy Project!

Recently, there has been a worldwide trend toward decarbonization, and structural energy reform of the entire industrial base has received much attention.
The penetration of Japan’s domestic renewable energy rate is only 17%, and compared to other countries, Japan has been lagging in terms of its energy mix. However, Japan has finally decided to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero by 2050, and several regulation changes and new measures are expected to be implemented to make renewable energy a major source of power.

In this era of energy reform, we have decided to launch a new renewable energy business with the goal of supporting the adoption of renewable energies and the accompanying decarbonization of industrial infrastructure by promoting the construction of an energy infrastructure fit for the current era.

In this project, local governments will take the lead in forming an electricity value chain to review the centralized system that has been used to generate and supply electricity locally, and to establish an updated system that can adjust the supply and demand of electricity within the grid of each municipality, thereby resolving these issues.


If you have any questions about this project, please contact Mr. M. Ogawa.

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