CTIA Announces Partnership to Acquire Japanese Anime IP and Game Content for Futureverse, an Open Metaverse

On Monday April 8, 2024, CTIA Corporation (Headquarters: Singapore, CEO: Mitsuru Tezuka, hereinafter referred to as CTIA), specializing in Web3.0 consulting, has announced the intent to support the acquisition of intellectual property (IP) and game content of Japanese anime for Futureverse inc. (Headquarters: New Zealand, CEO: Aaron McDonald, hereinafter referred to as Futureverse), a Web3.0 startup operating the open metaverse “Futureverse”.

Japanese anime, highly regarded both domestically and internationally for its creative worldviews, is beloved by audiences worldwide. CTIA commits to actively supporting Futureverse in acquiring Japanese anime IPs, sharing this rich cultural heritage on the metaverse, and making these characters accessible to users globally.

Aiming to build an “open metaverse” where digital assets like NFTs can freely circulate, Futureverse has garnered CTIA’s support as a Web3.0 consultant, resonating with its innovative technology. CTIA’s support includes the following:

  • Acquisition of Globally Renowned Japanese Anime IP & Game Content—
    CTIA will utilize its expertise and connections in Japan to acquire domestic anime IPs and game content. This initiative aims to create new digital experiences within the open metaverse of Futureverse, utilizing Japanese anime characters.


  • Expansion of the Japanese Community—
    CTIA will support the expansion of Futureverse’s community within the open metaverse by engaging Japanese anime fans and creators. This effort aims to promote interaction and new content creation within the metaverse.


  • Support future development of The Root Network—
    CTIA will utilize its connections to Japanese game resources as well as Web3 developers and builders to expand and deepen the utility of The Root Network, Futureverse’s foundational blockchain, for all global market sectors.

  • Development of brand relationships within globally recognized markets—
    Through application of Futureverse’s technological innovations, CTIA will interact with Japanese brand names to heighten their visibility globally and broaden their fan bases beyond borders. Market sectors can include manufacturing, agriculture, technology, and sports teams.

A comment from CTIA Representative, Mitsuru Tezuka: “I am delighted to support the integration of Japanese anime IPs into the metaverse, assisting Futureverse in pioneering the future of digital entertainment, inspired by their innovative approach.”

Aaron McDonald, Futureverse CEO, commented, “With the cooperation of CTIA, we look forward to broadcasting the charm of Japanese anime to the world in a new dimension, alongside the realization of the open metaverse.”

CTIA and Futureverse aim to deepen their collaboration, providing a rich digital experience shared by fans and creators worldwide through the fusion of technology and creativity.


CTIA has been examining the challenges and risks of Web3.0 and NFTs since the early stages of the industry, leveraging its extensive knowledge and connections with related companies both domestically and internationally. The team, with members who have been researching and developing blockchain and tokens for over a decade, offers comprehensive consulting for societal implementation, including blockchain and token design, marketing support, and system development. CTIA also provides services such as global expansion support for domestic companies and open innovation and venture support in collaboration with industry, government, and academia.


Futureverse is a technological and cultural foundation for an open metaverse where creators, businesses, and communities can envision their future. The platform will offer innovative digital experiences in sports, fashion, and entertainment through such collaborations with FIFA, Reebok, and Warner Brothers Studios via the 2018 blockbuster movie “Ready Player 1”, highlighting the possibilities of the metaverse. These partnerships demonstrate the diversity of open metaverse experiences offered by Futureverse and the potential for collaboration with different industries.

Futureverse’s infrastructure enables companies and creators to offer users the open metaverse experience as they desire. Futureverse, a portal allowing seamless entry and exit from all apps within the metaverse, enables users to travel to different spaces and experiences while retaining their passports, friends, communication, finances, and content.


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