CTIA Group to Establish “BUILD ” project in December 2020
to Develop New Education Service

Providing educational programs that “expand workers’ skills” to increase the value of companies and their employees.

BUILD has been established to improve business performance with a focus on human resource development, and will provide comprehensive services to enhance corporate value and human resource value through education and training programs for companies and students.

Recently, there have been concerns about the decline of Japan’s domestic economy due to the falling birthrate and the associated drop in the working population. Compared to other countries, Japan is not leading in terms of employable workforce which can make an impression on a global scale, or in terms of the creation of cutting-edge businesses that have a social impact.

BUILD believes that Japan needs an educational system that focuses on improving productivity. Therefore, we have developed a program to increase the number of people who can make their own choices in life, and that provides both highly scalable business development support and fundamental entrepreneurial learning.

With an eye on the future to further revitalize the Japanese economy, we decided to launch a business from the perspective of “education” to support people who aim for self-realization and entrepreneurs who aspire to create new businesses.

BUILD’s education and training programs are not the traditional coaching type corporate training programs. They are facilitated by instructors who encourage participants to work on their own initiative and who engage in discussions, cultivating the participants’ ability to “think and work on their own” through practical training programs with a high retention rate.

In this way, the participants will be able to make creative design thinking a habit, creating new answers from scratch, rather than applying customary answers tied to existing concepts. The program aims to help participants create new services; products; and approaches to problem-solving in their corporate activities, research, and development, thereby increasing corporate value.


Message from BUILD’s representative

The name of our company, BUILD, expresses our desire to create an educational infrastructure for people to have the ability to self-actualize and to support the sustainable growth of human resources in companies and businesses. Our goal is to become a socially-focused company where many people have the chance to discover their potential and grow through interaction with this company.

We believe that to bring out the hidden talents that each person possesses, it is necessary to have the ability to think things through and arrive at answers on one’s own. These have traditionally no been taught in today’s educational institutions. In a world where there are no right or wrong answers, what can we do to make ourselves and the people around us happy? I sincerely want to support people to lead a happy life by helping them recognize their abilities and qualities necessary to achieve their goals through corporate training and educational institutions, and learn to apply them in practice.

To incorporate these ideas into our process, we at BUILD continue to ask ourselves, “What value can our customers (companies) deliver to society?” By providing the necessary skills and knowledge in the form of programs and facilitating the process of “thinking through and arriving at an answer,” we aim to develop services that will make not only our clients happy, but also their future customers.

We have been promoting new business development support for students and companies looking to start their own businesses, as well as an employee training program that offers an innovative outdoor learning environment. Although we are currently focused on the Kansai area, we plan to gradually expand our BUILD services nationwide.


Company Profile

Company Name: BUILD Co.,ltd.
Representative director: Kohei Kawamoto
Location: Shinsaibashi Asano Building 6F, 1-15-7 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0086, Japan
Establishment: December 2020
Business activities: Human resource development, business development


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