Event Report: Business Blockchain Expo 2020 Winter

CTIA’s Takashi Matsubara and Masato Ogawa appeared at the online stage at “Business Blockchain Expo 2020 Winter”.

On Saturday, December 12, 2020, CTIA Inc. participated in the “BUSINESS BLOCKCHAIN EXPO 2020 Winter”, a business matching event hosted by Binary Star, Inc. where project managers, Masato Ogawa and Takashi Matsubara, introduced their current projects which are under development.

The event was broadcast online to participants via on-demand video, with each 20-minute session featuring the topics: “DX Concept in Supply Chain Using Blockchain” (Matsubara) and “Blockchain-based Microgrid Construction Project”(Ogawa).

The event was hosted by Binary Star, Inc. and focused on business matching for domestic and international blockchain companies to connect with interested major Japanese industries. In the six-part program, specialists from more than 20 companies leading the introduction of blockchain for a wide variety of industries gathered to present impressive examples of various projects and solutions they have been involved with. This year’s event also featured a panel discussion on “DX for Executives” by a special panelist.

CTIA Matsubara: The key to supply chain improvement is operational efficiency through DX!

Matsubara, Sales Manager for Supply Chain Solutions, gave a presentation on “DX concept in the supply chain using blockchain”. Based on his extensive experience in the logistics industry, he explained how introducing DX would solve problems in the supply chain and logistics operations and lead to overall improved operational efficiency.

CTIA Ogawa:The future of the electric power industrial base, with a view to effective utilization of local renewable energy!

Ogawa, General Manager for the Energy Drive Division, introduced the “Blockchain-based Microgrid Construction Project.” He proposed how the project can actualize local production and consumption of electricity, and it would optimize the supply and demand of electricity to build a small-scale and regional power generation network (microgrid) using renewable energy in place of conventional large-scale power plants.

In addition, speakers from various companies introduced valuable content on the latest trends, including decentralized finance (DeFi), and further solutions and approaches that are tackling administrative digitalization; work-style reform; supply chain and logistics; and renewable energy.

All the sessions featured projects that focused on recent social issues and customer needs in these areas, and the event ended on a high note with positive comments from viewers.

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