CTIA starts promotional support for the movie “Winny” to be released on March 10th using movie original NFT

CTIA (Headquartered in Singapore; CEO: Mitsuru Tezuka) is pleased to announce the start of promotional support for the movie “Winny”, released today, March 10, 2023, utilizing an original movie NFT. This promotional support will include Web marketing using the film’s original NFTs, with the aim of raising awareness of the Web 3.0 industry and expanding recognition of the film through the publication and distribution of the NFTs. The 100 movie-original NFTs issued under the official approval of the production committee of the movie “Winny” will be distributed from CTIA according to demand.

『Winny』March 10, 2023 Release

Against the backdrop that, at the time, Winny challenged concepts such as illegal file sharing, copyright infringement, and illegal downloading, leading to a decline in the value of digital content, this promotional support focuses on raising awareness of NFT, which is used to establish the originality and ownership of digital content, and on blockchain technology, which inherits the P2P concept in Winny.

NFT technology can prove the ownership of the creator even when the content is distributed in a secondary channel, so it is possible to protect the value of the digital content, give the creator an appropriate reward, and prevent illegal sharing. Such technology provides possibilities for appropriate legal action to be taken against users who illegally share content. This promotional support will contribute to the protection of contemporary creators, return of profits, and increase the value of digital content.

The following is a description of the campaign to distribute free original NFT images of the movie poster, the first live-action Japanese film to do so.

【Campaign Summary】
Dates:March 10, 2023 (Friday)9:00 am ~March 23, 2023(Thursday)23:59 pm
How to apply:100 winners will be selected by drawing from among those who follow the official Twitter page of the movie and post their impressions of the movie with “#IsawWinny” to receive an original NFT from the movie!

About CTIA
CTIA has been examining the challenges and risks of Web 3.0 and NFT since the industry’s early days, and with our extensive knowledge and connections with related companies in Japan and overseas, we provide comprehensive consulting services for social implementation, including blockchain and token design, marketing support, and system development. The team consists of people who have been researching and developing blockchain and tokens for more than 10 years. Other services include overseas expansion support for domestic companies utilizing our global offices, and open innovation and venture support in industry-government-academia collaboration.


About [Winny]
The film “Winny” is based on an actual incident involving the late Isamu Kaneko’s development software “Winny,” which was considered the biggest incident in the history of the Internet in 2004 and drew worldwide attention. The test version of “Winny” developed by Mr. Kaneko was released on 2channel at the time and quickly became popular among users due to its convenience and anonymity. However, behind the scenes, illegal file sharing and illegal downloading became rampant, and unauthorized users were arrested across the board.
Why was one genius developer crushed by the Japanese state apparatus? This film is a story based on the truth about the men who fought against the power and media to protect the developer’s future and rights.

Release date:March 10, 2023
Starring:Higashide Masahiro, Miura Takahiro
Director & Screenplay:Matsumoto Yusaku
Planning:Satoshi Furuhashi, and pictures
Official Site:https://winny-movie.com/

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Representatives:T. Ogasahara、A. Orita


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