CTIA started designing a new system which could properly record non-financial information

Systematizes the evaluation of ESG and SDGs to support sustainable business models


Since 2019, CTIA (Head office located in Singapore, CEO: Tezuka Mitsuru) has been developing an international financial transaction system and traceability platform by using R3’s Corda, and provided comprehensive support to improve the environment of organizations and implement/operate the system to realize the practical application of full-scale paperless business with distributed ledger transaction. By applying the system we have developed till today, this year we will expand our efforts to design a new system that could properly record non-financial information of corporate activities related to SDGs and ESG, which both attract attention these days.

In order to realize a sustainable society that is conscious of environmental conservation and ecology, the global effort of SDGs and ESG investments is spreading around the world. It is necessary to quantitatively record and manage information of their own supply chain in accordance with the standards of the evaluation organizations and approval organizations to realize the business that covers climate change global warming countermeasures and decarbonization in addition to their existing economic activities. Therefore, by using Corda to automatically conduct transactions between stakeholders and manage non-financial information, it is possible to raise the stage of social activities related to ESG from the disclosure of information to operate.


This will contribute to the workflow and auditing of non-financial information which previously could only be disclosed in the statistical reports. In addition, while maintaining the value chains and supply chains through paperless transactions, we will contribute to the realization of a zero-emission and carbon-neutral society by 2030, advocated by the United Nations.


At this point, we will focus on responding to the disclosure of information of ESG while promoting the introduction of the SDGs to many companies from manufacturers to retail. And at the same time, we will make every effort to create an environment that can attract investment to prepare the infrastructure of a sustainable society in the future.


CTIA Co., Ltd.

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