A new opportunity
​for industry with finance
​In the TaaS workflow network,
a system that follows strict financial regulations has been designed
using "Corda", a distributed ledger technology created
from finance and provided by R3. ​
Differentiate from
other traceability systems and
current production management
A close relationship between industry and finance is necessary to support global demand.
Until now, the relationship between industry and finance has only been able to evaluate organizations
based on annual financial statements and monthly trial balances.
However, a closer and more direct connection is necessary.
Revolution of Production
By recording a series of orders, receipts, manufacturing, storage, and shipments in TaaS,
financial institutions can plan not only the number of stocks to be assessed but also in-process products
and semi-finished products that have been excluded from assessments so far.
If the production schedule and shipping schedule can be determined,
they can be considered as a financial object.

A new decentralized management system that records every task

The process of creating a product is recorded in detail using an intelligent ID, which enables a variety of things. (Or: Various benefits are expected.)

Real-time information sharing


In TaaS, operations are recorded in the ID of each product as needed, so that stakeholders in the supply chain can check the information anytime.






Seamless information transfer & matching

TaaS dramatically improves work efficiency by instantly exchanging information for inter-enterprise operations such as confirmation and inspection of the delivery tickets, which occurres when products are exchanged between companies.

Smooth cause identification (traceability)

When, where, who performed what, and how are recorded for each product ID. It will be possible to keep track of the product history without interruption.





Prevent loss or tampering of lot number

All information will be recorded in a distributed ledger, so it will remain permanently on record and minimizes the risk of tampering.






Differentiate from other traceability systems and current production management

Companies around the world need a close relationship between industry and finance to support the global demand for goods. The TaaS we develop and provide is a solution that sets it apart from conventional traceability systems and production management systems.


TaaS x Business

DX innovation by TaaS

TaaS is a system in which business records are stored in detail and the history is linked to the product as an added value. Therefore, it is expected to be applied to various businesses.

This mechanism, in which “information” is exchanged as value by TaaS, brings great innovation to existing business.

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Recording non-financial information

Sustainable business with TaaS

Because TaaS can record any business, it could be applied to the recording of non-financial information, which was previously difficult to report.
Here are some case studies on how TaaS can be used in various industries as a solution for the SDGs proposed by the United Nations.

Enable data linkage according to the demands of each stakeholder, including production, processing, distribution, retail, and customers using a distributed ledger system to unify work records. In addition, since it can support paperless work, it is expected to improve the work efficiency of each task. By sharing information histories and centralizing production management of crops, it is also expected to bring a possitive effect to traceability as well.

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By utilizing the distributed ledger system, stakeholders’ operations related to financing can be digitized, and the time to completion and costs can be reduced. Also, if the network using this technology expands and information on corporate assets and collateral increases and an environment that enables real-time verification has been established, it is expected that there will be more opportunities to finance SMEs that have failed to obtain loans.

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By assigning an account to the land and recording construction details and worker information, we aim for it to be able to store and relocate the land and building information in an aggregated state. As a result, paper-based reporting work and confirmation work, which are carried out every time by workers, will be reduced, improve work efficiency and realize a highly versatile trading platform.


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