A new opportunity
​for industry with finance
​In the TaaS workflow network,
a system that follows strict financial regulations has been designed
using "Corda", a distributed ledger technology created
from finance and provided by R3. ​
Differentiate from
other traceability systems and
current production management
A close relationship between industry and finance is necessary to support global demand.
Until now, the relationship between industry and finance has only been able to evaluate organizations
based on annual financial statements and monthly trial balances.
However, a closer and more direct connection is necessary.
Revolution of Production
By recording a series of orders, receipts, manufacturing, storage, and shipments in TaaS,
financial institutions can plan not only the number of stocks to be assessed but also in-process products
and semi-finished products that have been excluded from assessments so far.
If the production schedule and shipping schedule can be determined,
they can be considered as a financial object.

For a Fair Future.

Our goal is to actualize various token economies using tokens of value.
We aim to create a fair society where creators, users, and people that connect with them, can work toward their goals from the same standpoint.
We are currently promoting the use of blockchain, a new technology in the world of finance and investment,
in the agricultural and fishery industries that support consumption, and manufacturing industries that produce materials meeting various needs.
We strive to support society by supplying reliable, high-quality products, and working to solve problems in production
and consumption that have previously been difficult to solve.

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Traceability as a Service

“Traceability as a Service (TaaS)” is a business solution that manages all information with tokens and flexibly shares
it in order to optimize business collaboration and workflow between companies in the supply chain.

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