CTIA demonstrated TaaS at CordaCon, an R3 Developer & Business Partner Conference in London “CordaCon London 2019” Exhibition Report On October 23 and 24, 2019, CTIA (Headquarters: Singapore, CEO: Mitsuru Tezuka) exhibited at a tech conference “CordaCon London 2019” sponsored by R3 in London and demonstrated a production management system “TaaS” The recently announced production management system “TaaS: Traceability as a Service” using distributed ledger technology is a new service that CTIA has been developing insince 2019. By introducing TaaS into today’s complex supply chain, it is possible to smoothly execute the work records of each process performed based on the production plan, and all the things related to the supply chain can be seamlessly recorded and the recorded data can be shared with other organizations. Various developments based on Corda announced at “DevDay” The first day of the event was entitled “DevDay”, and the development status and progress report of Corda was mainly given by R3. R3 company CEO, David E. Rutter, and other technical personnel involved in the development presented a session speech introducing an update of the Corda system on the main stage of the venue, and participants listened to the speech intently. An important announcement this time was that Corda Enterprise has been updated to 4.2 and implemented on Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform service developed by Microsoft. As a result, the safety of Corda and the convenience of the development environment will improve, and system demand is expected to increase. “BizDay” where trends of the blockchain industry and example cases of Corda were introduced Following “DevDay”, “BizDay” on the 24th featured a talk session by industry leaders and regulators familiar with blockchain at the main […]