Blockchain Projects
CTIA Advised

Projects that CTIA has been involved with have been active on a global stage.
CTIA’s vision is to realize a fairer society through application of
creative ideas and an innovative technology called blockchain.
CTIA selects blockchain projects that are necessary
for everyone and guides each project to their goals.

A blockchain messaging

Sylo is a communication tool with highly reliable and
professional features. End-to-end encryption, off-cloud, and P2P
infrastructure always keep user's conversations safe with
their confidential designs. Sylo integrates world-class technologies
along with smart and refined designs to offer high quality, productive
online communications, with complete confidentiality.

Risk scoring system to manage a user’ s digital ID

SingleSource is a decentralized ID platform that can score
personal risks to reduce the friction between businesses and create a trustworthy
individual ID. A new digital ID for building
a safe and equal marketplace, that is SingleSource.

Building the internet of

Pl ^ g builds the internet of blockchain.
It is a new blockchain that integrates existing businesses
or different types of blockchains which makes Pl ^ g just like a plug.
They will utilize next generation frameworks to provide
blockchain solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Fitness coaching through the use of AI

Arda is a marketplace that combines AI and fitness for
valuable exercise data.
Using state-of-the-art AI technology to verbalize
the exercise data into one language
in real time, Arda offers fitness advice according to your ideal
physical and health condition. They provide the exercise data
as marketing materials to companies and link it to valuable
opportunities such as reviews of insurance packages.
Arda makes your life healthier and smarter.

WordPress for the blockchain

Proxeus easily incorporates a blockchain workflow into
existing systems, opening the door to the next stage of
digitization as a powerful tool.
The speed of doing business can be remarkably improved, and the
accompanying cost can be greatly reduced by digitizing
traditional business processes through blockchain.
All work processes can be transformed to a
new business model using blockchain.

Application store for DApps

Centrality is a blockchain App store. Various blockchain
applications (DApps) are connected to the Centrality platform, providing
a seamless user experience that has never been seen before.
As a blockchain venture studio, Centrality assists developers, businesses, and
startups with designing their applications. Blockchain is everything here.