Education & Training
Develop new talents

Politics, economics, societies, and technologies are always elements
that start a new era and industry.
Those elements have interacted with each other and have developed to become new industries.
In any industry, "education" is an indispensable source of
growth in its expansion processes. Therefore, CTIA will contribute to
the development of the blockchain industry through education.




I will try it.

Make it.

We can send instructors to hold in-house blockchain seminars.
The concept of the training courses is "know, use, plan, make".
Contents for management, planning, marketing and engineering focus are also provided.


Although we often hear the term "blockchain", we can’t fully grasp
what it actually is. We offer input-oriented seminars for such
audiences and cover the correlations and definitions as well as
histories, backgrounds and future possibilities of blockchain,
cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies) and Bitcoin.


In addition to the basic blockchain seminars, participants
can experience cryptocurrency transactions in a demo
which will create a deeper understanding of blockchain
utilization both in educational and practical ways.


We will introduce a blockchain-based business idea
as a new approach for companies.
It is a training focused on brainstorming via discussion, using a
blockchain-specific business model canvas to consider an
ecosystem from the perspective of
"token liquidity", " increased value " and "blockchain necessity ".


We will provide opportunities for engineers to
create DApps (decentralized applications) based on the
ideas born from "Planning course" and a company’s internal proposals.
Furthermore, we will select platforms that
match your business model and dispatch engineers.