Due Diligence
Secure and

CTIA classifies the categories of tokens and assesses
the risk of projects through our Due Diligence process, using
MME's BCP which has been created in compliance with Swiss law.

CTIA offers secure and compliant services that we have
cultivated from our rich experiences and knowledge in the
cryptocurrency/blockchain sphere.
We work side by side with clients to meet their
needs in the most efficient and effective ways.

We use the BCP because Swiss laws are known for
holding the highest standards for legal matters worldwide.
As we recognize that the cryptocurrency/blockchain
industry is still viewed with suspicion because of countless
scam projects and illegal use cases, we want to offer with
confidence a service that will not be challenged
despite all the negativity in this sphere.

Four Points
Legal and technical, finance,
and token economy.

In our due diligence we offer these four points
I focus on it.
Experts specializing in each field thoroughly analyze,
We will evaluate your project comprehensively.
In addition, full package to comprehensively review all points, and
Customize package to scrutinize points according to your desire
We prepared.


Our approach is to investigate the appropriate implementation of projects in each country by consulting with lawyers worldwide.


We evaluate the technology and the skills of IT project teams in terms of their blockchain knowledge.


We plan to collect and investigate the information based on the profit and over the next five years examine funding plans.

Token Economics

We consider whether the timeline presented in the token sales stage makes sense or not before and after fundraising.

For due diligence inquiries please apply from "CTIA TGE Questionnaire".