Accurate and

It is necessary to have a consultant who can guide the
project properly in order to guide the ideas for blockchain into shape.
CTIA takes this role along with advisors who have been
involved in many projects in the new industry. We provide knowledge and
experience with the best consulting for projects.
CTIA leads projects to success with solid know-how of the blockchain.

Full Consulting
  • Total DD
    (Legal/Tech/Business strategy)

    CTIA examines whitepapers and token concepts, providing a comprehensive evaluation to improve aspects of projects.

  • Event

    It is possible to set up events from small- to large-scale using connections around the world. Also, effective marketing is also available in association with SNS and multiple meet-ups.

  • White paper
    (Token Economics)

    A whitepaper is created by experts according to customer's needs from carefully investigated data, statistics, illustrations, charts, and references.

  • Acceleration / Incubation

    We assess if the needs of the target enterprises are met by acceleration or incubation. After determining this, we will contribute by suggesting human resources, technologies, promoting businesses, and building ecosystems.

  • Development / Tech

    We conduct a hearing based on the blockchain technology provided and the evaluation of the IT project team to allow improvements.

  • Community management

    We assist in the construction of community management and support service of the official Telegram groups. as well as creation of company SNS accounts such as Bitcointalk, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Medium that align with the needs of each country. We also create Bitcointalk threads for the projects.

Pre TGE Consulting
  • Community management service
    (telegram, Line@)

    We will provide ongoing community management between social media accounts.

  • Remake /
    fix White paper and business strategy /

    We will revise the white paper to optimize and, if necessary, rebuild the business models.

  • Meetup set up at Asia
    (Japan/Korea/China/Hong Kong/Singapore)

    CTIA will hold meet-ups in major cities for the projects, mainly in Asia as an organizer, and provide effective approaches to investors and media.

  • Marketing (PR)

    We will conduct the launch in major media sites and deploy project planning according to ideal marketing plans for pre-sale and main sale.

Post TGE Consulting
  • Community management
    (telegram, Line@)

    We will provide ongoing community management between social media accounts.

  • Localization

    We offer to set up localization around Asia, giving companies advice on how to approach target regions.

  • Marketing advisory /
    Remake strategy

    We consult how to choose project managers, copywriters who are responsible for press releases and article writing, and person in charge to support the entire project.

White paper Review
  • We review the following points in whitepapers and project reference materials: -a clear statement of the necessity of the project, - problems that need to be solved - how the suggested considerations will advance and affect the blockchain economy, etc.