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real estate



Agreements/ Contracts

  • In the brokerage of real estate leasing, buying, and selling, many companies are involved in a series of processes: housing supply, property management, resident search, guidance of resident applicants, and conclusion of contracts, and the amount of information being handled is enormous. At present, all work is inefficient in a business system that relies on paper and faxes to exchange personal information and submit necessary documents at the time of tenant screening.

At the time of signing a contact fo real estate, various documents such as identity verification document, address verification document, and a family register copy must be collected, but by digitizing necessary documents and recording them on the platform, the cumbersome paper exchange can be reduced.

Property Management

  • In a business system that relies on paper and spreadsheet software, human errors increase and time is lost due to the exchange of documents, resulting in low work efficiency.

By assigning an account to the land and recording construction details and worker information, the goal is to be able to store and relocate the land and building information in an aggregated state. As a result, paper-based reporting work and confirmation work, which are carried out every time by workers, will be reduced, work efficiency will be reduced, and a highly versatile trading platform can be achieved.

By reducing the need for complicated paper exchanges, DLT contributes to improving productivity and effectively using paper resources. In addition, by consolidating the value of real estate into tokens, it simplifies the procedures for purchase, sales, and rental contracts, and promotes the distribution of real estate in the global market, providing support to emerging countries.