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work:Production Management

  • It is necessary for each company involved in manufacturing to manage the production time, perform production according to plan, and place orders in accordance with production requests.
  • Since the organization supplying products to end-consumers has compiled product standards, it is difficult for organizations involved in manufacturing to share market demands and end-user demands. As a result, it is not possible to make an appropriate production plan, which leads to problems such as excess inventory and mass disposal. (Separate orders, material supply, etc.)

By building a production management system using distributed ledger technology, information data divided by company or organization involved in receiving can be digitally managed collectively, and physical costs such as data storage locations can be reduced. By using a single platform to coordinate between organizations to check information and hedge risks in the event of an emergency, and use distributed ledger technology to manage the lot numbers to manage production without fear of loss or tampering, it will contribute to increase the level of security.

work:Inventory Management

  • In a business system that relies on paper and spreadsheet software, information cannot be linked or utilized with customers and suppliers, and inventory fluctuations cannot be understood in real time.

The inventory management system using the distributed ledger technology can check inventory movement information, shipping destinations, and histories in real time, thereby reducing confirmation and reporting work within and between organizations. In addition, by making use of the IOT device and enabling tracking of the location of the product, it will not be necessary to check inventory information.

Reducing the workflow and increasing productivity using distributed ledgers not only reduces the burden on employees, but also leads to appropriate inventory management and reduces excess inventory. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable industrial base and work environment.