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work:Construction Management

  • Management of the application is time-consuming because the application form is paper-based to satisfy the Building Standards Law for receiving building confirmation.
  • Information may be mishandled, such as losing application forms or falsifying data.
  • The changes in labor productivity and the working population of the elderly have been declining since 1998. Factors considered to be the cause are long working hours and a fall in contract construction prices.

It is necessary to centralize information through construction management utilizing distributed ledger technology. Since the information can be managed in real-time between the owner, the local government, and the contractor, the falsification of the information is virtually impossible. Paper-based document management can be centrally managed on data, and by reducing the number of management processes and tracking the deliverables, it can be used as evidence to identify reliable contractors, and it will be possible to focus on accountability.

It is possible to automatically check the building standard law at the time of construction and match it with cost-summary sheets and budget documents. In addition, coordination of quote-sharing and cost-management not only in-house but also with subcontractors helps reduce reporting work and improve work efficiency.

work:Maintanence Management

  • Since construction records are managed by a person, the management of folders is different for each person in charge, and it takes time to match the drawings managed on paper with the construction records.

By utilizing unique IDs that are unified by organizations, information that has been isolated before can be centralized. It is possible to set up a system for unified management that offers an awarenes of DX from a management system within a single personal organization. In the future, we aim to improve corporate value and reputation by providing end-user awareness customer-experience services.

It is possible to operate efficiently by combining work visualization and sharing, and automatic matching of documents. As a result, the work load on workers will be reduced ,the working environment improved, and local employment will be created. Infrastructure facilities supplied around the world will appeal to many people because all kinds of public facilities such as clean energy, water, school facilities, etc., have the potential to build a working environment and infrastructure for “realizing a world where no one is left behind.”