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work:Production and Harvest

The method of work record-keeping differs for each stakeholder involved in production and distribution (paper, software, database)
Crops that do not meet the standards are neither sold nor distributed and are discarded

Data linkage is enabled according to the demands of each stakeholder, including production, processing, distribution, retail, and customers using a distributed ledger system to unify work records. In addition, since it can support paperless work, it is should improve the work efficiency of each task. Sharing information histories and centralizing production management of crops produce positive effects as well as offer potential improvement to traceability.

work:Inventory Management

Since the current marketing system between stakeholders is inadequate and the product distribution information cannot be coordinated, surplus inventory and stagnant inventory of products increase, leading to product disposal.

The distributed ledger system is utilized to unify work records and enable data linkage according to the demands of each stakeholder, including access for production, processing, distribution, retail, and customers. Information is shared and traceability is enhanced.

If farm products distributed from farmers and wholesale markets are managed, it will be possible to understand the appropriate inventory. We aim to establish a sustainable agricultural base and working environment by reducing food losses and the workload of staff.