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General question

“The concept is to transform people’s lives for the better by instilling evolved digital technology.” This is a concept promoted by Professor Erik Stolterman of Umeå University in Sweden in 2004 and has been taken up by many Japanese companies. For companies, this idea is used in the sense of making appropriate use of digital technology to innovate and overturn the company’s existing framework of “structure,” “marketing,” and “strategy”. Since this is a step into unknown territory where there are still no right answers, the idea of agile development with an assumption of failure is also necessary.

It is a technology or concept that allows all users to share, manage, and monitor specific data and transaction records without managing personal information or financial transaction data on a central server. Data is held, updated and shared by multiple nodes (individuals) in different locations. It is difficult to tamper with or alter, and the system is unlikely to go down. It is possible to record “who, when, and what kind of information was entered into the ledger” in a more reliable manner than conventional technology. It is attracting attention as being able to improve the reliability of the ledger and realize equal information sharing compared to existing information management systems.

It refers to the automation of contracts. It is a technology that allows the confirmation and performance of the terms and conditions of a contract to be automatically executed electronically. Since it can automate trading processes, it is expected to contribute to shortening settlement periods, preventing fraud, and reducing costs by not involving an intermediary for financial contracts. It is also said that the use of smart contracts on the blockchain could enable non-centralized services where users can transact directly with each other, potentially bringing about a major change in society.

A token economy is an economic system, similar to a market economy, where decisions are made purely through supply and demand, but supported or carried out with a token in place of currencies.

In the sense of an inventory-backed loan, it is one of the financing methods that provides low-interest funds by collateralizing the inventory held by a company.

Questions about TaaS introduction

TaaS (Traceability as a Service) is a system for building a business platform for companies to create paperless or electronic management systems. It’s a solution designed to enable smart and speedy work by digitally centralizing all transactional and customer information, recording interactions between business personnel and the company, and automating many of the daily operations of business personnel. The goal is to build an ecosystem that connects multiple organizations, and TaaS uses Corda, which is developed and provided by R3 based on distributed ledger technology.

We are a team of engineers experienced in implementation and consultants who specialize in business design. For effective and appropriate TaaS implementation in each industry, we can suggest and support methods that will be useful for management after implementation. In addition to business improvement based on TaaS, we will continue to work on more effective problem-solving for our customers and to propose the best solution.

Projects are always created in cooperation with our customers. It’s what makes us successful in offering suitable solutions. Smooth communication and good decision making are the key to success. With our extensive project experience, we can provide customers with as many details as possible about the system and the man-hours required at the time of proposal, so that they can communicate with us regularly within a set schedule.

TaaS uses a blockchain technology-based transaction data management model that can be easily scaled to fit businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors to global corporations. The benefits and strengths of TaaS work for all businesses, regardless of size. Please feel free to contact us.

TaaS uses blockchain to prevent data tampering. In addition, because a TaaS system can be introduced to fit each company’s mission-critical system, it is highly versatile regardless of the industry or existing system.

The duration and cost vary depending on the size of the business and the nature of the operations. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed estimate.

All business areas are covered. For example, it is possible to introduce our services for business improvement and new business development. all angles in the business and operational axes are suitable, such as production and manufacturing, construction, real estate, and retail industries.

The main benefits include improved operations through paperlessness and system automation; traceability to identify and detect information in the event of an emergency; and instantaneous information sharing with stakeholders. One disadvantage is that it is necessary to digitize the analog data as required.

Questions about support after implementation

The TaaS solution system doesn’t end when you install it, it starts when you install it. We continue to provide our clients with generous support from implementation until the end of the accounting period. The SEs and consultants involved in the implementation check your operation, suggest improvements, and advise you on how to use it correctly.

We have consultants dedicated to sustainability (SDGs, ESG investment, etc.), so please feel free to contact us for more information.

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We hold thematic and industry-specific meetings occasionally. Please check the event list for more information. In addition, we can hold seminars and workshops specifically for your company, so please feel free to contact us.

We have group offices mainly in Asia and Europe. Utilizing our group’s network, we can provide support from introduction to maintenance support. We can also offer 24-hour support in multiple languages by using our affiliated support vendors.

Questions about system development

It is possible to link and connect to various databases and systems through API. *In some cases, it may be difficult to convert data, so please contact us first.

Please contact us using the inquiry form so that we can discuss your needs in detail and connect you to the appropriate person.

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