Fair Investment
for Everyone.

We at CTIA aim to create a world where everyone
can participate in fair and secure investments. After ICOs,
an advanced fundraising structure emerged, the opportunity for anyone to
make an investment became a reality. However,
users are still not fully protected in the existing structure.

By assessing ICO projects from the technological, financial, legal, and
token economic points, we promote “TGE (Token Generating Event)”,
the new fundraising mechanism that is compliant with the
necessary laws and regulations.

We believe that approved blockchain projects will be the ones
which can truly develop the blockchain technology
globally and lead to the realization of a fair world of investments.

Who we are
An Overall Advisor in the

Blockchain Business

We are a blockchain business advisor
that provides holistic services for the blockchain community.
By providing due diligence, TGE consulting, education, and training
as the main contents of customized advisory services
for each project and company, we will facilitate the growth of
blockchain projects and contribute to expansion of the blockchain business.

Transition from ICO to TGE

Using our proprietary network, we will scrutinize a project from
technological, financial and legal points and conduct thorough KYC/AML compliance
checks for users. This enables us to create a fair
world where both projects and users are protected.
Also, we aim to actualize a platform where all people including users
and projects can participate in fair and secure investments, by recommending
a “TGE (Token Generating Event)”, a new compliant fundraising model, rather than an ICO.

To a Fairer World

ICOs should be carefully scrutinized in the same way that IPOs have been and still are examined. The current status of overheated investment and speculation in the ICO bubble rings alarms. Although it can be said that ICOs are an innovative way to raise funds, there are numbers of cases where the funds are mishandled and used for illegal purposes.
Scrutinizing ICO projects would be the very first step to a fair world. Very detailed due diligence will be required, asking questions such as: whether any similar project exists or not, how the project team will use their raised funds, what the technology is that they use, if it could become a real solution, and the CEO’s belief. We scrutinize projects from the technical, financial and legal points of view and provide consulting services to make the most out of the token economy. Our collaboration with dominant blockchain companies overseas and FinTech partners enables businesses to adapt Blockchain technologies to their own needs. We also contribute our energy to provide localization service and extension to an incubation business.


Mitsuru Tezuka

Company Name CTIA Co., Ltd.
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CEO Mitsuru Tezuka
Business Holistic advisory services in the blockchain business
・Due Diligence
・Education and training
・Other services associated with the blockchain business