Fair investment for all.

Our goal is to actualize various token economies using tokens of value. We aim to create a fair society where creators, users, and people that connect with them, can work toward their goals from the same standpoint. We are currently promoting the use of blockchain, a new technology in the world of finance and investment, in the agricultural and fishery industries that support consumption, and manufacturing industries that produce materials meeting various needs. We strive to support society by supplying reliable, high-quality products, and working to solve problems in production and consumption that have previously been difficult to solve.

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Unlike Japanese people, there are many people in the world who are in situations where they do not have official family registers, financial or social guarantees, rights, etc.; they must survive on individual connections; and they have no chances to collect or manage assets. We endeavor to eliminate this unfair environment caused by differences in the countries of birth. By overhauling the forms of proof of employment, identification, rights and assets, we aim to create a token economy environment that is simpler and easier to understand. These benefits would extend not only to individuals but also to businesses. Communication opportunities would expand overseas, and it then becomes possible to have contact with many people, regardless whether they are corporations or individuals. This plan is also useful for Japan, where the markets may continue to shrink due to the declining birthrate and aging population. We are convinced that by fulfilling these goals, we can deliver a truly “fairer” world.


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We are expanding globally from our satellite offices.

We are expanding globally from our satellite offices. CTIA Group’s network is based in Singapore, Japan, London, etc.

We approach a wide range of overseas companies with a focus on each business base while focusing on local business needs, new businesses, and delivering the appeal of TaaS solutions to companies around the world. By utilizing digital transformation in various businesses, we aim to deliver value to people around the world.




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