Bring new value to your business with digital transformation.

TaaS (Traceability as a Service) will bring a major change to the way businesses work by optimizing “records” and “sharing”.
For example
by changing all analog tasks (writing on paper, stamping, bookkeeping, sending documents, etc.) to digital, and making them more efficient,
you can accelerate your business, record everything you do to your product, and bring added value to the stored data itself.
TaaSaims to realize an unprecedented digital society in which all economic activities are represented by digital data.

Features of TaaS

Our TaaS delivers a future where everyone can flourish fairly by maximizing the value
of the value chain and supply chain.
The adoption of distributed ledger technology provides excellent data verification,
making it possible to raise SDG/ESG initiatives to the operational level, regardless of the size of the parties involved.

Seamless data sharing

The best part about TaaS isthat it allows all stakeholders acrossthe supply chain to share their data instantly.
This eliminates the duplication of business operationsand friction between companies, offering increased efficiency and cost reductions.

Robust data management

The challenge in sharing data throughout the supply chain is the reliability of information.
For this purpose, TaaS uses the “blockchain” to ensure that records are kept and cannot be tampered with.
This means that TaaS records and stores all the data in a verifiable state and then communicates accurate information to the stakeholders.

Digitization of signatures to automate a variety of transactions

Transactions that occur within the TaaS system are automatically signed digitally.
This means that records can be easily traced because who, when, and what was done is stored in every transaction.

Linkage with various systems

TaaS can be connected to various systems.
Our dedicated staff will analyze the workflow of your business and design the TaaS to fit the mission-critical systems you already use.
TaaS is a DX solution that can be implemented regardless of the size of your business or the field you are in.

TaaS Implementation Flow

In order to introduce TaaS, consulting and system design are essential to meet your business and business needs.
At CTIA, we have experts and technical specialists with experience in a wide range of industries and operations.
We support the planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, operation and maintenance phases from the customer’s point of view.

Initial Consultation

・Clarification of the purpose of use
・Narrowing the scope of work
・Sharing of workflow
・Approximate schedule estimate

Status Analysis

・Understanding/analysis of current operations

・Identifying improvement points and requests

Organizing the essentials

・Planning a solution
・Designing new business flow
・Designing database



・Prototype development

・PoC (Proof of Concept)


System introduction

・Building a production environment
・Organizing data and system migration
・Implementing authorization setting


User training

・Creation of manuals and guides
・Holding user training sessions



Maintenance and operation

・System maintenance
・New requirement support
・Additional operational support


To a sustainable business with TaaS.

To a sustainable business with TaaS.