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The future of digital work that is essential for working remotely Remote work increased by 49% in Tokyo due to the impact of COVID-19 The corona-virus pandemic that has spread throughout the world is an opportunity to rethink the structure and state of society. One kind of change is in work or operations. Today, in Japan and around the world, major companies as well as small and medium-sized companies are promoting working from home or remotely. According to a survey of 800 U.S. human resources managers by U.S. research firm Gartner (announced on March 17), 88% of companies and organizations encourage or require employees to work from home. According to a survey by the Persol Research Institute, as of April, 27% of people in Japan and 49% of people in Tokyo were working remotely. (This survey was conducted on the Internet from April 10-12, with 25,769 people aged 20-59 who work for companies with 10 or more employees) Although there are regional differences, the fact that about half of the workers in Tokyo are working remotely could be thought as significant. The changing demand for paper-based work: why the government and the private sector have been slow to eliminate the paper culture Even though more and more people are working remotely, doing actual paper-based work is a challenge on many levels in society. When working remotely online, most of the work is done on a computer, and printing out or sending materials is a time-consuming task. The first effect from this shift was a fall in the stock prices of the paper industry. The stock index of Japan’s major paper companies has fallen about 30 percent in the first quarter […]